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Women’s services

Women offenders are victims of domestic abuse
Service users would recommend the Believe and Succeed programme
Women who feel welcomed by probation

Women in prison have far higher rates than the average of mental health issues, self-harm and abusive relationships.

We are committed to understanding and addressing the reasons that underpin women’s offending.

 We are determined to work in collaboration with our specialist partners across the region to turn women away from crime, so they can build better lives for themselves, their children and our communities.

Suki Binning
Chief Executive, KSS CRC

Our approach

Our staff receive trauma-informed training. This recognises that women in the criminal justice system are often victims too, leading to their offending.

Women-only reporting and programmes
We have case managers with lead responsibility for working with women. They deliver our women-only programme ‘Believe and Succeed’. We also provide women-only reporting sessions.

Where possible, to demonstrate a healthy, respectful relationship between men and women, we pair a male and female facilitator to deliver accredited programmes. All of our domestic abuse support advisors (DASA) are women.

In prison
We deliver a women-only programme in prisons. This prepares women for their release, looking at a range of issues including exploitation, childcare, benefits, employment and accommodation.

In the community
Women on Community Payback do not have to work alone with men and can attend women-only or women-friendly placements.

We offer women service users the support of a female mentor who is trained to deal with the complex needs of women in the criminal justice system.