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Restorative justice

Restorative justice gives those affected by crime a chance to communicate or meet with those that are responsible for the harm, empowering everyone affected to have a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward.

We help to facilitate opportunities for people under probation supervision to take part in restorative justice to understand the effects of their crime on others.

Restorative justice can help the offender to:

  • Accept and acknowledge the harm they have caused
  • Build skills and victim awareness to avoid further offending
  • Identify what they can do to repair the harm they have caused.

It gives the victim:

  • The chance to explain to the offender the real impact of the crime, which empowers the victim by allowing them to have a voice.

Restorative justice is voluntary and subject to our assessment of suitability. Both the victim and offender need to agree to take part.

The delivery of restorative justice varies locally, according to local partnership arrangements. We can facilitate the full range of restorative justice interventions where this meets the needs of local commissioners.

KSS CRC is a partner of the award winning Sussex Restorative Justice Partnership.

Sussex Restorative Justice Partnership