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Rehabilitation support

We provide additional, personalised support to address needs linked to an individual’s offending behaviour. The nature of the support varies according to the sentence and each person’s circumstances, but may include working in partnership with specialist agencies, structured one-to-one work sessions and signposting to community resources.

Drugs and alcohol

We support the work of drug and alcohol treatment providers by helping individuals to explore the nature of and the impact of their addiction on themselves, their families and friends. Our work assists participants to manage addictive behaviours and get back on track.


Our aim is to reduce the number of service users who are homeless or in unsettled accommodation. Our supply chain provides housing advice and support. We also work with local councils and charities to help individuals find a place to live, manage bills and become part of the community. Our volunteers and peer mentors can offer additional assistance, such as going with service users to their appointments and completing forms.

Finance and debt

We help individuals to deal with debts and get the specialist assistance they may need. We also help service users to identify the benefits they can claim and help them do budgeting exercises so they have the skills to manage their finances effectively.


We explore ways of improving health and general wellbeing including mental health, healthy eating, exercise and access to healthcare.