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Accredited programmes

We deliver a range of structured group-work programmes that have been accredited by the Ministry of Justice. These are proven to be effective in reducing reoffending, by addressing factors such as domestic violence or attitudes and behaviour. Our trained facilitators deliver these programmes according to the set criteria. The following programmes are available, subject to assessment of suitability:


Building Better Relationships:
Building Better Relationships is a programme for men who have a pattern of violence against a female partner. It helps participants to understand the behaviours that damage relationships, to better understand themselves and to take personal responsibility to overcome relationship difficulties.


Thinking Skills Programme:
Thinking Skills is a cognitive skills programme to strengthen and develop the thinking skills linked to risk of reoffending. Participants learn to improve self-control, improve problem-solving skills, and set themselves meaningful life goals.


Drink Impaired Drivers Programme:
The Drink Impaired Drivers Programme promotes safe driving. Increasing understanding of how alcohol affects the body and driving skills, participants learn how to plan ahead and avoid drink-driving in future.


Resolve is a programme for men with a current conviction for an offence of violence. The programme helps participants to develop awareness of violent and aggressive behaviours, learn about personal triggers and develop non-violent ways of responding.