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Seetec investment helps probation services improve

Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire Probation Services has made considerable improvements in the quality of their work with offenders one year on from their external inspection.

The positive outcome follows our parent company’s significant investment in the probation services we deliver in the south-west of England and Wales.

KSS CRC carries out local inspections after Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Probation’s to make sure our probation services are embedding learning into their practice.

Internal auditors, who have HMIP benchmarking training, inspected 296 cases in Spring 2020 across BGSW Probation Services. They used HMIP criteria to assess cases.

Previously, HMIP inspected BGSW Probation Services in May 2019.  They analysed a sample of cases taken from before KSS CRC took over delivery of probation services. HMIP rated the planning, implementation and review of cases as ‘Inadequate’.

Chief Inspector of Probation Justin Russell said: “In the months before the takeover, there was a significant lack of investment in the organisation. This affected staff at every level and their ability to deliver effective probation services.”

Quality improvements one year on

A year on, and following investment by Seetec, our parent company, things are a lot different!

The local quality inspection findings indicate that ratings for assessment, planning and implementation have significantly improved. None were inadequate. Those auditing cases also rated assessment as good.

Graham Wines, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, heads up our Excellence and Effectiveness directorate which enables operations to make quality improvements. He said: “There has been a significant amount of work since the Ministry of Justice transferred services in the south-west of England and Wales to Seetec. In that time, we’ve more than tripled the number of staff delivering services, rolled out an extensive new programme of learning and development and introduced a new Excellence and Effectiveness team to oversee quality improvements.”

“The local inspection shows we have helped probation practitioners feel better equipped to manage risks and keep people safe. Practitioners are using their professional curiosity more and improving how they structure and deliver the most effective interventions to manage risks and change people’s behaviour. Huge credit should go to all those in operations who have affected the change and to those who have supported and enabled them.”

“Importantly, the local inspection also provides us with information on areas where we can further improve. The senior leadership team and I are committed to building on the work so far, so we can change even more lives for the better – for the offender, their families and the wider community.”

KSS CRC carried out the inspection prior to the lockdown. They will be reviewing whether improvements have also been sustained during such an unprecedented time.

Should you have any questions about this inspection, please contact the communications team.