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TV panel: How KSS CRC will fight Covid-19 joblessness?

Ex-offenders faced higher levels of unemployment before Covid-19, with seven times as many offenders not having a job compared to that of the general population. Having a job affects how likely someone will reoffend. KSS CRC recently hosted a discussion on Chaos TV about the life-changing support we provide to help ex-offenders into work and how this can help us fight Covid-19 joblessness.

Having a job can help unlock many areas that are a factor in someone’s reoffending, such as poverty. Those who have a job are two and a half times less likely to reoffend. But many ex-offenders are stifled from making progress upon re-entering society. They face being stigmatised by potential employers and others.

On Chaos TV, host Suzanne Purcell, our Education, Training and Employment Manager, with Nick Gridley from Konnect Recruitment discussed the benefits of this untapped talent pool, the challenges of finding ex-offenders a job, and the importance of our close work with employers and recruitment agencies to overcome the increasing challenges Covid-19 will bring.

Suzanne also talked to Deborah Mclening, our Volunteer Manager, about peer mentoring and a former ex-offender Daniel White about the opportunity KSS CRC gave him by employing him as an Engagement Officer. Engagement officers share their experience of turning away from a life of crime with people on probation to encourage the latter to do the same. They also help minimise a person’s risk of reoffending by giving them help to find a job, a place to live and access to services. Daniel’s work has helped to reduce breaches by two thirds in the office where he works.

If you missed the panel discussion you can catch up here from 5h 42m:

Would you like to find out more about our education, training and employment services or discuss employing ex-offenders? Contact our Education, Training and Employment Manager Suzanne Purcell.