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Responding to a changing world for probation services

I am pleased to launch this first edition of Unlocking Potential. In this edition, you will find updates on our road map to recovery, probation reform and our work to ready our employees to respond to the new challenges Covid-19 brings.

Having the ability to regularly communicate with you in the absence of some of the usual face-to-face communication continues to be important, even more so currently, as critical changes are affecting the future delivery of our services.

As you will have heard, in June 2021, the government will renationalise more probation services than their original plan, such as accredited programmes and unpaid work.

I would like to reassure you that my teams and I will be working with the Ministry of Justice and National Probation Service to reduce risks to the public through this transition. We will also try to work with them to avoid the loss of effective services that are reducing victims of crime, such as our engagement officer’s work that BBC South East Today filmed recently and our stalking programme, which the Secretary of State has praised in parliament. The Ministry of Justice figures also reflect our effectiveness which show we have reduced reoffending by over 8% – something we continue to try and drive down.

We are also responding to the changing Covid-19 situation as lockdown eases. I know our employees have already done a great deal of work so Community Payback groups can run again, and I thank all the organisations that have been working with my teams to make this happen. While lockdown is easing, longer-term, coronavirus is going to change the way we and others need to respond to crime. You can read about how we are making sure our professionals have the right skills to react, and how our teams are tackling joblessness, another area we know will get worse and one that already disproportionately affects our service users.

While the next year brings many new challenges, I am confident that by working with Seetec, our parent company, and our partners we can continue to deliver results that make our communities safer.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition of the newsletter. If you have any feedback, please contact our communications team,