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Domestic abuse programme helps Jamie make changes for the better

Jamie* says a programme he completed with KSS CRC has taught him to use “key skills” to manage his behaviour and be a better person. 

Magistrates sentenced Jamie to a domestic abuse programme called Building Better Relationships delivered by Wales Probation Services after he assaulted his partner. The programme aims to stop people from committing domestic abuse.

The military veteran said: “Every day, I am using the skills I learned during the programme without even knowing it.”

He says the course is the start of his journey, and he is positively looking forward to his future.

“The course has already played a huge part in changing my life. Without it, I would probably have ended up in prison. But completing this course hasn’t completely fixed me. It is like having a driving instructor. They mentor and teach you to pass the test, but the rest is up to you.”

Domestic abuse facilitator, Lyn Fox, said: “Over the years, Jamie has had many types of counselling to help with his alcohol misuse and post-traumatic stress disorder, but he says it is the Building Better Relationships programme that allowed him to understand himself and how his early childhood traumas had shaped his thinking and learning.

“Jamie had a few difficult times while on the programme, especially around getting renewed access to his children.  He never allowed this to affect the changes he had made and never returned to his old ways of self-medicating through excessive alcohol use. The programme has been life changing for him.”

Jamie adds: “I owe the programme facilitators a lot. I can never thank them enough.

“I am now ready to move onto the next chapter in my life. The programme has given me the confidence to take the next steps alone. While I have the skills and knowledge to respond to situations in a better way and understand the consequences of my behaviour, more importantly, I now know how to be a better person.”

Jamie did so well on the programme, he is coming back to mentor others on Building Better Relationships.

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