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Community payback receives great feedback

Notes of excellent work are regularly sent to us, praising our community payback teams. The Revd. George M. Rogers at the Holy Trinity Church in Milton Regis gives a glowing report about Hazel, one of our community payback supervisors:


Re: Excellent Work Leading Community Payback

I am writing to thank you for your leadership in Community Payback and for the outstanding work that you have done at Holy Trinity Milton Regis. Before the workers visited the site, the churchyard and the area around the parish church hall had been overgrown and untidy—the canopies of the trees were so low that it made the churchyard unsafe for those using the public footpath. There used to be groups of people who would menacingly gather and linger in the dark corners of the churchyard, who had been reported to have shot through the windows of some of the houses in the estate directly behind the church with air pistols. They now no longer have a place to hide. Further to this, neighbours in the houses directly bordering the churchyard have appreciated that they have more light, as many of the trees on our side of the wall have been pruned. As well, families in the community have appreciated the “discovery” of several tombs that had been completely obscured by brambles and weeds for years, which the workers have since cleared. The clearing of the churchyard and the area around the parish hall made it possible for us to partner with Kent County Council in the “Painting the town green” project, and to continue to keep these spaces green by involving the uniformed groups and schools to plant flowers there.

Our benches in the church porch, as well as the oak porch door have been restored and oiled to a condition that they haven’t been in for hundreds of years. The iron gates and fences have also been restored and painted black, giving the appearance of renewal and care, not only for the church but also around the tombs, the gate of the churchyard itself and the lamppost outside the porch door. These things are now fit for purpose.

Your leadership and the workers’ efforts have created a beautiful space which frames the entrance to our community’s country park. You have turned what used be a rubbish ‘tip’ into a safe and welcoming space that droves of people in our community now enjoy! I wish you the greatest blessings and deepest thanks for your work here and I look forward to continuing our partnership. 



Courts can sentence someone to unpaid work in their local community rather than a prison sentence. The type of work they do can include gardening, painting, litter picking, graffiti removal and decorating. We aim to make community payback engaging for our service users so they are more receptive to the work they are undertaking, ultimately changing their work ethic.

If you have a suitable project that you feel would benefit from community payback, please email community.payback@ksscrc.probationservices.co.uk